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Fix Your Tummy Troubles w/ Warren & Erica Pole – Ep 52

Warren and Erica Pole are ultra runners and triathletes that were sick of all of the poor choices endurance athletes had to fuel their performance. It didn’t make much sense to them that they ate whole, healthy, plant based foods everyday but when they competed in races they had no good choices at all. The endurance nutrition industry was serving up science experiments in little foil wrappers as a standard business practice.

Warren and Erica started making their own gels and shakes in their kitchen. Trying out different superfoods and natural ingredients that came up with some pretty delicious options for the ultra athlete. Their chia seed power packs were so good in fact that they decided to start their own company, 33 Shake. To launch their product in the US Warren and Erica traveled coast to coast in a van, joining in on group runs, meeting running clubs, and checking out trail races sharing their delicious recipe with chia seeds, vanilla, and sea salt with endurance athletes. They added a yummy nutrition shake as well that is packed with a bounty healthy nutrition.

In today’s podcast Warren and Erica help us out with the #1 complaint of ultra runners and the top reason people DNF at races. Tummy troubles. We talk about why we have them, how to avoid them, and how to maximize your chances at having the best nutrition possible for your training, races, and your regular life. I found it to be very helpful and I know you will too.

Check out Warren & Erica’s 33 Shake gels and shakes at https://us.33shake.com/

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