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Getting Salty with Joseph Havey & SaltStick – Ep 51

Electrolytes can be a tricky proposition. How much salt do you need? Not enough will make you feel zapped early on in your ultra. Too much could leave you looking for a tree to throw up or squat behind. The point is, your body requires three things: water, calories, and electrolytes.

If you’re not replacing those three key things and you plan on being out on the trails for a long time you are going to have some big problems. Joseph Havey from SaltStick helps guide us through how to use electrolytes to be our very best in our training, on race day, and even to prevent a bad hang over! He answers tons of my questions and many listener questions as well.

This episode was not meant to be a big commercial for SaltStick. They are the official Sugarstride Podcast sponsor but Joesph also is a pretty cool guy with lots of knowledge to share. That being said, don’t forget to hook up a discount on your next order of SaltStick using our promo code below. Because deals are cool.

The song featured at the end of this episode is High by Sir Sly. Download it HERE.

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