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Planning For A Perfect Race Day – EP 54 MUT Synchrocast Series

Just what can you do in preparation to make sure race day is perfect? While running an ultra marathon there are bound to be all sorts of issues that will come up over the course of a 50k to 100 miles or more. This is no surprise. Anticipating these setbacks or obstacles and being prepared to deal with them is the difference between a DNF and a successful finish.

In this episode of the Sugarstride Podcast our expert panel of ultra runners shares their best game day plans and tricks that will set you up for a great race. Lee Conner, Mark Pancake, Sean Lemeke, and Martini Mike combine super powers and pointers on a great race morning poop to set you up proper.

This is a MUT syncrocast episode, meaning a group of running podcasts got together on one topic and are all posting our version together for your listening pleasure. It was a ton of fun. Check them out here at these links….

1- Ten Junk Miles

2- UltraRunnerPodcast

3- East Coast Trail & Ultra Podcast

4- Heartland Running

5- IRunAnonymous

6- Southeastern Trail Runner Podcast



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The song featured at the end of this episode is Rest My Chemistry by Interpol. Download it HERE.