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Mohican Adventures w/ Megan Alvarado & Randy Wittmer – Ep 49

The Mohican 100 is one of the oldest and longest ran one hundred mile ultra marathons in the United States. The trails of Mohican in central Ohio offer a buffet of everything you could encounter on a great ultra: waterfalls, huge hills, luscious forests, technical single track, and the best damn aid stations in the sport. The three distances of marathon, 50 Mile, and 100 Mile are all a challenge in themselves. While Mohican is no mountain competition is is not to be taken for granted as the coveted 100 mile buckle is not easily earned. The 2017 race had record high temperatures and ended with more runners dropping than crossing the finish line.

I had the honor of taking on the role of finish line aid station captain. The Mohican Trail races have become much more than a race for my family and friends it is rather a tradition where we all take pause from our busy lives and converge upon the campgrounds and trails of the Mohican Forest to spend time, laugh, drink plenty of beer, tell stories, and support one another and the ultra community. If the running community has become an extended family for me, my husband, and daughter, then consider Mohican weekend a family reunion of ultra proportions.

In this episode of the Sugarstride Podcast I chat with two amazingly talented runners. Megan Alvarado finished the 100 mile race at 20:10:16 taking second place overall and first lady, earning her belt buckle in spectacular fashion. Megan is an ambassador for Altra Running, Dry Max Socks, and T-Max. Megan has competed for a spot on the national team, ran 140 miles in 24 hours, and is planning on a fifth finish at Grindstone 100 this fall. Randy Wittmer battled it our in the competitive 50 miler and finished fifth overall. Aside from being one of the coolest guys you’ll meet out on the trail Randy is taking on the epic challenge of the Tahoe 200 Mile later this year.


Sharing some miles with my friend Lauren Pearch during her 50 Mile race.

To learn more about Mohican 100, register, or sign up to volunteer vist http://ombc.net/mohican-100-trail-run/mohican-100-trail-run-general-info

Learn more about Randy’s upcoming challenge, the Tahoe 200 at http://www.tahoe200.com/

Check out the amazing Grindstone 100 and that huge buckle Megan is running for at http://www.eco-xsports.com/events/grindstone/

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The song featured at the end of this episode is Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Download it HERE.

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The fellas at Finish Line Aid Station

From Left: Vagn Steen, Matthew Study, Matt Vogel, Quintin Bressler, and Mark Humphrey.