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How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

Did you wake up this morning and not make your bed? Maybe you pushed snooze button once or twice, and then let your hair go to day three without washing it. Could it be you were late for work today because of something stupid like spending too much time checking your Facebook feed? Maybe you don’t always slow down to let the lady walk across the parking lot. You probably should’ve held the door open for the guy behind you at the post office but you didn’t. You lost track of time and forgot to send your sister a birthday card. You were knuckle deep in a jar of peanut butter at 3am and you weren’t even hungry. You walked the hills on a five mile training run last night. Maybe you skipped the run all together. Any of this sound framilar?
No one is going to see your bed anyway, right? What else was dry shampoo invented for is it wasn’t to skip a day or to of washing it?  You were in a hurry. That guy didn’t expect you to hold the door anyway. Your sister knows you love her, send her a text. Peanut Butter is healthy fat. Plenty of people walk hills. You needed a good rest day. Nobody is really going to care about this stuff anyway, right? No big deal.
The problem is that you are the one that knows and that you should care. It’s not the point that these small things all add up, they do. It is all the small things that matter. The way you do anything is how you end up doing everything else in your life. Even how you do the small stuff has a huge effect on how you go about doing the big important things. Half-assing is contagious. Once you invite the thought in your mind that mediocre is an option than that is what you are going to get. Life is a series of decisions. Who will you choose to be?
Setting an intention is powerful. When you decide to be good you are good. There is a reason why studies show that people who make their beds in the morning are happier people. The first thing they do when they get up is something productive and makes them feel good for doing it. It sets a tone for the whole day. Goodness, greatness, excellence, happiness, whatever you want to call it, that is contagious too. It will spread to the other things in your day and your life. Failure is not an option is a worn out phrase you see on inspirational posters but it is the real deal. If you decide you are going to do something, even if it’s hard, even if it hurts, even if nobody believes you can do it, if you believe it, it can happen. Failure is a mindset.
Get up early and go for that morning run. Get the salad instead of fries. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Buy the guy’s coffee that’s in the drive thru behind you. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway. Don’t just do a plank, do it on your knuckles. Run all of the hills. This energy will manifest itself into all that you do and touch. When you elevate your actions you elevate your experience. Go out there and get after it, and don’t forget to make your bed.