Finding Your Best with Dr. Matt Pisanelli Ep- 42

Dr. Matt Pisanelli is a Chiropractor that treats athletes at every level, from the couch to 5k runner to elite endurance athletes and Olympians. Dr. Matt is passionate about treating his patients so they can maintain health and improve their performance. In this episode Dr. Matt and I discuss who should go see a chiropractor, the growth of the sport of running, and how you can improve your overall performance.

Dr. Matt enjoys kayaking, hiking, and running. He will complete his first full marathon at the Hall of Fame Marathon in Canton in April 2017.

Dr. Matt Pisanelli earned his undergraduate degree from The University of Akron in Sports Exercise Science, with a concentration of Cardiac Rehab. He continued his training and education at New York Chiropractic College, and is trained in Graston Technique, NIMMO soft tissue manipulation, ConnectX soft tissue treatment, Gonstead technique and is Rock Tape certified.

To learn more about Ohio Sports Chiropractic or schedule an appointment with Dr. Matt visit their website at OhioSportsChiropractic.com.

Special thanks to Mark Humphrey, Julis Hicks, and Priscilla Fuhrman for their excellent questions. Keep submitting your questions for Dr. Matt for future episodes!

The song featured in this episode is Fitzpleasure by Alt-J.

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