Bears, Beer, Stretching, and Dr. Matt – Ep 53

This is an extra special episode of the Sugarstride Podcast. Sugarstride has a running club called Eat Clean, Run Dirty and we meet up for some miles and a free beer on Monday nights in Cleveland for roads or Akron for trails. In this podcast we set up a portable recorder at the Craft Beer Bar after a run at the Gorge in Akron, OH. Dr. Matt Pisanelli joins us and chats about bears, the perils of not stretching, and he predicts that Jessica will hurt herself during a peak training week as she prepares for Oil Creek 100.

Check out Dr. Matt at Ohio Sports Chiropractic! www.ohiosportschiropractic.com/

This particular podcast was recorded at the Craft Beer Bar in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. The CBB hosts our Eat Clean, Run Dirty runs in Akron. It is seriously a kick ass place to chill out and grab a beer. Also, they are just a quarter mile off some sweet trails. Do yourself a favor and pay them a visit. www.craft-beer-bar.com/

Learn all about the greatest beer ever at www.averybrewing.com/

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The song featured at the end of this episode is Always Alright by Alabama Shakes. Download it HERE.