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Adidas Ultra Boost Review

Taking the new ADIDAS Ultra Boosts for a run.

The ADIDAS web site says “There’s running, and then there’s running in Boost.” I could not agree more. I picked up these knitted beauties at the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Health & Fitness Expo. A local running shop had a booth set up. The sales guy caught my attention as I was passing by and I told him ADIDAS really weren’t my thing. Now that I’m thinking about it I don’t think i’ve ever had a pair. Ever. He asked me what shoes I did like and I told him how I’d been enjoying my Nike Flyknit Lunar 3s but wanted a bit more support and cushioning. He told me that the ADIDAS Ultra Boost were game changers and I agreed to try some on.

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Boom! I immediately felt a difference in the cushion & fit. The knit body hugged my foot while the strange foam sole offered plenty of cushion without the bulk of some other brands. Sales guy was telling  me about how they transfer energy and that there was no break in period. Honestly I couldn’t get past the look. My first response was “sure they feel great but they’re kinda ugly.” I did a quick search on my iPhone to see how they’d been reviewed and found 4 of 5 stars at ADIDAS. The price tag was way more than I was looking to pay at $180. I was in a hurry and had to be at a meeting I was already late for. Sales guy said he’d sell them for $140 and I told him they were sold. They packed my new kicks in a pretty nice ADIDAS backpack instead of a typical plastic shopping bag, threw in some sport laundry detergent samples, and swiped my Amex.

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I didn’t wear them for at least a week. I was suffering from some serious buyer’s remorse. $140, even if it was a deal, was no good deal for shoes I thought were weird looking. Finally I said they hell with it. I pulled them on and went out for a quick 4 miles. These shoes were wicked awesome. The stretchy knit gave a perfect. The foam Boost sole put some bounce in my step. 4 miles changed to 6 and I had a big silly smile on my face thinking of how these were indeed game changers. My new favorite shoes.

Since I ran my first 6 miles in these a month ago I’ve put about 50 more miles on including the Towpath 10 Mile race last weekend. They are the real deal. I’m looking to multiply my collection. Love! Love! Love!

Thanks sales guy.

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    1. Thank you Felisa! I will be posting a review of the Saucony Kinvara 7 soon 🙂

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